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React Native is a framework that continues to rise in popularity, thanks to the way it lets developers build mobile applications using JavaScript and React for mobile software development. It has become the go-to tech stack for creating apps for both iOS and Android with a single codebase. This means less coding, and saving time and resources – a significant win for developers and businesses alike. Because of the convenience it offers, companies across the world are increasingly looking to hire React Native developers to work on mobile software projects. Now, to properly recruit this kind of talent you need to have a solid idea of how to assess their skills and tech-stack expertise during the recruitment process. A simple way to evaluate candidates is through a traditional interview cycle, which is why we have put together the best 25 interview questions for React Native developers. Keep reading to learn what to ask when interviewing these IT professionals! 

First, What is React Native?

React Native is a popular JavaScript framework developed by Meta (then Facebook) for writing real and natively rendering mobile applications for iOS and Android. It is based on React, Facebook's JavaScript library for building user interfaces, but instead of targeting the browser, it targets mobile platforms. Considering the popularity of this development type, as there are 255 billion mobile apps downloaded worldwide each year, React Native has a large advantage as a framework by targeting a growing sector.

So, how does this tech stack stand out? It combines the best of native development with React's powerful features. Unlike traditional mobile development methods where separate codes are needed for different platforms, React Native bridges this gap. It translates JavaScript code into native elements, offering a seamless user experience, similar to the one of applications built exclusively using native languages like Swift or Java.

statista graphic of the most popular mobile frameworks until 2022

React Native continues to be chosen for more and more mobile projects and statistics paint a clear picture about it: Over 42% of mobile developers use React Native, making it one of the most popular cross-platform frameworks. This popularity stems from its efficiency and the high-quality performance of the apps it produces. Well-known companies like Instagram and Airbnb have harnessed this framework to enhance their mobile presence, showcasing its many capabilities.

It’s easy to see why React Native is so popular. From a business perspective, this tech stack is a game-changer. It speeds up the development process, reducing the time to market significantly. Moreover, the need for separate iOS and Android teams is eliminated, cutting down on staffing costs. The framework's hot reloading feature also allows developers to see the results of the latest changes immediately, which means faster debugging and app improvements. Overall, it’s a cost-saving framework from different angles, allowing businesses worldwide to create interactive mobile applications to be enjoyed by its users.

What is The Role of React Native Developers?

As we mentioned, whether you're a startup or a well-established enterprise, React Native is a framework that offers a pathway to build top-notch mobile applications that resonate with your audience and align with your business goals. As such, a skilled React Native developer plays an integral role in any company. They are responsible for building and maintaining high-performing mobile applications that meet the needs of your customers and help drive your business's success. By hiring a skilled React Native developer, you can ensure efficient and effective development of your mobile app, enabling you to save time and money.

The primary task of React Native developers is designing user interfaces (UI) that are not only visually appealing but also highly intuitive. Remember, in the digital age, a user's first impression of your app is often the last. According to a recent survey, 21% of users abandon an app after just one use. This makes the developer's role crucial in creating a captivating and seamless UI.

Beyond the visual work, React Native developers focus on the user experience (UX). They ensure the app is responsive, fast, and glitch-free. This is vital because, as shown in a study by Akamai, a 100-millisecond delay in load time can cause conversion rates to drop by 7%. These developers work tirelessly to optimize performance and maintain a smooth, lag-free experience across different devices and OS versions.

Another critical role React Native developers will play in your company is integrating backend services to an attractive UI/UX design. This means ensuring the app communicates flawlessly with databases, servers, and cloud services. They're responsible for syncing the app with essential backend functionalities like user authentication, data storage, and push notifications. At the end of the day, they ensure your mobile project turns out not only as an app with an aesthetic design but also as a fully functional hub.

Why You Should Hire React Native Developers

Cost-Effective Mobile Development

React Native developers can save you money. They write a single codebase for both iOS and Android platforms. This means you're essentially getting two apps for the price of one. According to a Codementor report, using React Native can reduce development costs by up to 30%. This can be a huge cost-saving deal, especially for startups and small-to-medium organizations scaling as they grow.

Faster Time-to-Market

Speed is crucial in the tech world. React Native's efficient development process means faster app delivery. A survey by Statista revealed that 42% of developers found increased development speed to be a major advantage of using React Native. Launching your app quickly can give you a significant advantage in a competitive market.

Seamless User Experience

React Native developers specialize in creating a smooth and engaging user experience. They leverage the framework's capabilities to build apps that feel native to each platform, enhancing user satisfaction. Remember, a satisfied user is more likely to become a loyal customer.

Live Updates and Easy Maintenance

Another perk is the ease of updating and maintaining apps. React Native allows for live updates without going through app stores, meaning you can push updates faster and more frequently. This agility ensures your app stays current and functional, offering a better experience to your users.

Access to a Large Community

It’s no secret that React Native has a vast and active community. This means a wealth of shared knowledge, resources, and pre-built components at your developers' fingertips. This community support translates into more efficient problem-solving and innovative development.

25 Best Interview Questions for React Native Developers

As someone looking to hire React Native developers, it’s crucial to assess the candidate's skills, knowledge, and experience in this tech stack during the interview process. Here are some of the best interview questions that can guide you in your interview process to better evaluate potential candidates!

  1. Can you tell me about your experience with React Native?

  1. How do you set up a React Native project?

  1. Can you describe the architecture of React Native?

  1. What are the main components of React Native?

  1. How do you handle debugging in React Native?

  1. How do you use Redux and why is it important in your React Native projects?

  1. Can you explain the concept of "props" in React Native?

  1. How do you maintain state in a React Native application?

  1. Can you explain how routing works in React Native?

  1. How do you optimize the performance of a React Native application?

  1. Can you describe your process for testing a React Native application?

  1. What is your experience with integrating third-party libraries in React Native?

  1. How do you handle data persistence in React Native?

  1. Can you describe a complex project you've worked on using React Native?

  1. How would you approach migrating a large project from React to React Native?

  1. How do you handle asynchronous operations in React Native?

  1. How would you troubleshoot a slow-performing React Native application?

  1. How do you ensure your React Native application is secure?

  1. How do you manage state in a large, complex React Native application?

  1. Can you describe a time when you faced a significant challenge while developing a React Native application and how you overcame it?

  1. How do you stay updated with the latest developments in React Native?

  1. Can you describe a time when you had to collaborate with a large team on a React Native project? How did you handle it?

  1. What aspects of React Native development are you most interested in and why?

  1. How do you approach teaching React Native to a junior developer?

  1. What is your process for QA and code review in React Native development?

What to Know When You Hire Nearshore React Native Developers from LATAM

Embarking on the journey of hiring nearshore React Native developers in Latin America can be an exciting venture for your business. Here's what you need to know to make the most of this opportunity.

A Large Talent Pool Rich in Diversity and Skill

LATAM boasts a diverse and skilled talent pool. According to the International Data Corporation, Latin America's IT services market is expected to grow by 8.3% by 2023. This growth is indicative of the burgeoning tech talent in the region. When you hire from LATAM, you're tapping into this rich vein of skilled professionals.

Cost-Effective Without Compromising Quality

Cost-effectiveness is a key benefit. Developers in LATAM often offer competitive rates compared to their North American counterparts. Companies can save up to 40% on development costs by hiring nearshore React Native developers in LATAM. This saving doesn't mean a compromise in quality, on the contrary, LATAM developers are known for their high standards and innovative approaches to development work.

Time Zone Alignment for Seamless Collaboration

The minimal time zone differences between North America and LATAM facilitate real-time collaboration. This alignment means you can communicate with your team during your standard working hours, enhancing productivity and efficiency. As per a Deloitte survey, 67% of businesses cite effective communication as a major advantage of nearshoring.

Language and Cultural Affinity

Most LATAM developers are proficient in English, coupled with a cultural affinity to North America. This reduces the chances of miscommunication and ensures a smoother project flow, according to a report by Pearson, the majority of countries in LATAM score in the moderate to high proficiency range in English.

Growing Tech Hubs with Advanced Infrastructure

LATAM is home to growing tech hubs with advanced digital infrastructure. Cities like São Paulo, Mexico City, and Buenos Aires are burgeoning with tech innovation, backed by strong governmental support. The World Bank's data shows significant investments in digital infrastructure in these regions, making them ideal for tech development and for hiring React Native developers for an affordable cost.

Ready To Hire React Native Developers Through Nearshore Staff Augmentation?

Hiring skilled English-speaking React Native developers is crucial for any business looking to develop a high-performing mobile app. We hope these 25 interview questions will help you assess the candidate's technical skills, problem-solving skills, and work approach to ensure a perfect culture fit when hiring nearshore developers. Now, if you’re ready to venture into staff augmentation, at DevelopersLATAM, we can help you recruit the right IT professionals for your organization. Our services include nearshore outsourcing, custom software development, and data analytics. Our expert recruiters can help you find the LATAM tech talent your team needs. If you’re ready to hire React Native developers, contact us today to schedule a free discovery call!