Hire Nearshore Developers Through IT Staff Augmentation

With our nearshore software development services, you can access cost-efficient, expert talent, and seamless collaboration while staying close to your home base. We handle all the recruiting, payroll, compliance, and onboarding so you can save up to 50% on development costs by hiring LATAM developers.

Hire LATAM Developers

Benefits of Hiring Nearshore Software Developers

Time-Zone Alignment

No more late nights. Work with developers on the same time zone as you work. Learn which Latin American countries use US time zones and how this can be leveraged to build synchronous remote teams.

Cost Savings

LATAM developers cost savings can be as high as 50% or more, allowing businesses to allocate resources to other critical areas while still securing top-notch talent. Have a tight budget? We're here to help.  

Technical Expertise

LATAM houses a vast number of software developers, engineers, and other specialized IT tech positions. Just Mexico and Brazil alone graduate a combined 605,000 software engineers per year - Mexico 130,000 and Brazil 475,000.

Culture Fit

Latin American developers often share cultural affinity with their North American counterparts, facilitating smooth collaboration and minimizing potential communication gaps. All of the developers we work with speak fluent English.

Our Guarantee

At DevelopersLATAM, we understand the importance of trust and reliability in nearshore software development. We guarantee our commitment to delivering exceptional quality and innovation in every project we undertake. Our team of skilled professionals is dedicated to understanding your unique business needs and providing tailored solutions that exceed expectations.

No Fixed Contracts Or Buyout Fees

In today's dynamic business landscape, flexibility is key. We embrace this principle wholeheartedly. That's why we offer our services without fixed contracts, giving you the freedom and agility to scale and adapt as your project needs evolve. We also offer the possibility of hiring our developers directly with no buyout fee. If you've been loving your current nearshore development team, you can have them join your organization for good - at no extra cost!

Risk Free Trial Period

We're confident in our ability to deliver exceptional nearshore development services that align with your unique needs. To demonstrate our commitment to your success, we offer a risk-free two-week trial period. This trial allows you to experience our services firsthand without any obligation. Developer not the right fit? We will find the perfect match free of charge.

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We have a proven track record in the nearshoring, custom development, and data services sectors.


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Enjoy the freedom to handpick experienced nearshore developers recruited by our expert hiring team.


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We’ve helped hundreds of organizations save money on development costs.


Technical Recruiters

Our recruitment team has years of experience hiring the best of LATAM talent.

Drive Your Financial Strategy with Our Salary Calculator!

At DevelopersLATAM, we understand the significance of maximizing the value of every dollar invested in your development team. That's why we've crafted a tool specifically tailored for you: our Salary Calculator.

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Many companies trust us to scale their teams

Discover why industry leaders rely on our nearshore team augmentation solutions to supercharge their teams.

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"ACL excels in creating a fulfilling work environment by offering outstanding benefits and valuing experienced talent, resulting in impressively low turnover."

Eduardo Chirinos


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"ACL has proven to be an invaluable and dedicated partner, consistently addressing our evolving needs with great focus. Their role in building our development team has been crucial for the successful execution of our projects."

Mauricio Giadach


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"Our partnership with ACL has been pivotal in sourcing top-tier professionals for our projects across Chile and its various regions. We chose ACL for their proven expertise, unwavering reliability, and exceptional commitment to each professional's needs."

Martín Kozak


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"ACL has been an indispensable partner, adeptly facilitating bilingual management with our Canadian support areas. They consistently honor commitments and provide exceptionally qualified professionals, enhancing our operational efficiency."

Alfredo Maldonado


Our Nearshore Outsourcing Process: Simple, Seamless & Streamlined

Discovery Call


We start with an in-depth kick-off procedure, meticulously tailored to fully understand your requirements. This approach includes a thorough assessment of the hard skills, soft skills, and cultural alignment you want for the project, ensuring a perfect fit for your unique business needs.

Recruiting and Interviewing


Within just a few days, you’ll be having interviews with world-class LATAM developers. DevelopersLATAM handles all the cultural and technical vetting, to ensure you only consider qualified candidates. Whether you choose Staff Augmentation or Custom Development, you have control over the developers we hire.

Hire and Onboard Your Team


Once you agree on a candidate and they accept the offer,  it's time to onboard them into your organization. We handle all taxes, compliance and HR procedures, leaving you to manage your new outsourced development team.

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Looking for a Professional by Technology or Role?
We've Got You Covered!

Explore our talent pool for nearshore team augmentation. Whether it's a specific technology or a specialized role, we deliver top-tier experts to seamlessly integrate into your project at up to 50% cost savings compared to North America.

Hire LATAM Developers
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Your Team, Your Way

Want to Accelerate Software Development at Your Company?
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DevelopersLATAM, powered by ACL, focuses on helping businesses expand their software recruiting into Latin America. We are ideal partners for companies that are looking for long-term, core software development team members - as our network is made up of talent that is career-driven instead of freelancers.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Nearshore Staff Augmentation

Got any doubts about our nearshore software development services? This quick guide will help.

How Do You Ensure I Find the Right Nearshore Developers for My Company?

At DevelopersLATAM, we have years of experience providing staffing solutions to clients all around The Americas. Thanks to our past expertise, we have developed a vetting and interviewing method proven to help all kinds of organizations hire LATAM developers more efficiently. Our expert technical recruitment team handles the entirety of the process. From the moment you share your requirements with us, our recruiters start sourcing, vetting, and interviewing candidates from different countries. We prioritize an holistic approach, ensuring every hire not only fulfills all technical requirements but is also an exceptional culture fit - to facilitate long-term collaborations.  

What If I Want to Hire a Developer Directly in the Middle of Their Contract?  

One thing to know about us: we have a flexible no buyout fee policy. This means that if you've enjoyed working with a developer through our staff augmentation services so far and wish to have them join your team, you can do a direct placement at no extra cost for your organization. We'll help you through the process!  

What Is the Usual Time to Hire LATAM Developers?

The time to hire LATAM developers can vary based on several factors, such as the specificity of the skill sets required, the level of experience needed, and the current demand in the market. Generally, the process can take anywhere from a few days to a couple of weeks. At DevelopersLATAM, we work with a vetted network of local developers to speed-up recruitment and make sure to communicate with you throughout the process to ensure maximum transparency.